Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Omaha 32 Worst Dress City ~ Wonderful :/

Today GQ released the top 40 worst dressed cities in America, and big surprise.... Omaha came in at #32. While I don't necessarily disagree entirely with this statistic, I do however find it humorous that anyone who wants to make a joke about Omaha will bring up farming, Wrangler Jeans, and steak. This is probably the number one sign that they didn't actually come to Omaha to do their research. If you're wearing Wranglers, you clearly don't live IN Omaha. It more than likely means that you live in a Nebraska town and actually farm or do something with agriculture. Most of the people that I know that live in small-town Nebraska are afraid of Omaha, especially downtown Omaha. Omaha is even sometimes their family vacation they take each year.

Shoes make the outfit!
Despite the stereotypes (the exact same ones I had about Nebraska when I moved here), Omaha isn't the best dressed city (by far), but definitely not even close to the 32nd worst. Omaha Fashion Week, while getting better each year, is still basically a joke. Besides a handful of designers. I saw a line this year that was done completely out of latex. It looked like it belonged in the back room of a novelty store, not a fashion show. The first year of OFW I had just gotten back from my honeymoon and was excited to show-off my brand new Christian Louboutin's.... thinking especially in Omaha, this will be where people might know what they are. I was sorely mistaken. I trudged around downtown Omaha all night in 6'' heels. I guess the joke is on me. That just goes to show you that in Omaha, if it's not COACH, no one will know what it is. I went to a movie after dinner recently. Its sad when that even going to dinner I feel over dressed if I have a dress on. This I have come to terms with and do it anyway!

And finally, yes guys can wear pink and purple, and they can even care about what they look like now!!! I am sooooooo grateful for all of my girlfriends that like to look pretty and get dressed up, and for my husband and his friends who know what an outfit should look like!!

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  1. I think you should post a pic of the little lady standing next to you in her USUAL get up! That'll show them! :)

    Actually I agree with you that Omaha CAN'T possibly be the 32nd!!!What are they basing it on? Who was #1?