Monday, July 11, 2011

Engagement, Weddings, & Babies ~ Oh, my!

My Godson, Gavyn & I a few months back :)
I know that there is a "season" for weddings and all the frilly life changing things we go through. I thought I was through the thick of it when spring ended and we started having 100 degree days. However the cycle of events never seems to cease! I have a nephew who is a year and 5 months (not to brag, well maybe...  he's also my Godson!!). I have another little neice or nephew coming shortly, my sister is due August 1st. I have a couple girl friends that are preggers right now too... A girlfriend of my just announced her engagement and I have not one, but TWO weddings to be at this weekend!!!

For all of those who are not married yet and dread going to weddings because EVERYONE tells you that either "you're next" or worse, asks you when you are going to find that special someone (like you've been oblivious to trying to find someone)... it doesn't stop. Once you are married, its the "When are you going to have a baby?" And then, once you're pregnant, I can only imagine the times you have to answer, "When are you due." "What are you having." "What are you going to name it?" As if all of your lifes very personal decisions and choices are just up for grabs for anyone, even a stranger to ask!

Just a little something I was thinking about today.

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