Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anniversary Debate...

Our first picture together, June 2007

4 years ago today I went on my very first date with my husband. It was a Sunday night. He took me to Fleming's Steak House. We had wine and crab legs, it couldn't have been better. I had seen him for the first time 3 days prior. He was infront of me in line at the DMV. I should've known we were compatable by the fact that we had both waited until the last day of the month to renew our license plate tags. He had gym shorts, a t-shirt, gray New-Balance sneakers, and a backwards hat on. He kept looking back at me in line.
When it was my turn at the counter, he had already left the building. I remember trying to hurry up the process as much as possible with the chance meeting of him in the parking lot.... No luck. He was gone.
I had never seen him before and figured I'd never see him again. Until... the very next day, Friday, I was going through the bank drive-thru on the opposite side of town. I looked over to my right, and there he was. The car next to me. I looked at him, he looked at me. I had just gotten my reciept and drove off as fast as I could because I was so nervous.
The next day, Saturday, I had told my sister about the events that had occured the last two days and dicussed the likelyhood of seeing him again, and wasn't it so strange to see him back-to-back days... it had to mean something!! She was coming into town that evening for a friends birthday. My options of places to go were the Shag/Fedora area (which I hated then and still do) or Citrus. Citrus was a popular club at the time and I had never been there, so Citrus it was!
We handed the door guy our ID's and walked in. I looked up and there he was. He was all dressed up, his hair was all spikey, and almost a deal-breaker... he had sunglasses on INSIDE!! He walked right up to me and I to him. He said, "I know you." I said, "I saw you in line at the DMV." We talked all night, exchanged numbers and the rest is history.
September 4th, 2009
This brings me to my thought... Once you are married, do you still celebrate your initial anniversary? It was our anniversary first... though a marriage anniversary has so much more meaning behind it. June 2nd & September 4th are such important days to me... One, I met the man that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with and the other was the day he became my husband and we vowed to love eachother forever.
So what do you think? Should you celebrate both?


  1. Celebrate BOTH! You guys are so freaking cute. I love the story! So meant to be. :)

  2. YES of course ~ Celebrate BOTH! Just do something different for each one! Happy Anniversaries!!! :-)