Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kate Middleton too thin??

I recently read an article that Kate Middleton is getting "too thin" based off of her legs in a photo of her wearing a mid-thigh-length coat in Northern Ireland. They are even covering it on shows like Inside Edition & Extra. I am glad that they are talking about something other than Charlie Sheen for once, but come on! First off, until you see her shoulder blades sticking out in a strapless gown or her ribs in a bikini, how the heck can you judge someone's weight... especially while she's wearing a coat?!?! I think that these people writing these articles, like the one in the dailymail were written for the author to gain popularity and that is it! And don't start an article by complimenting the person, only to pass judgement on them in the next paragraph.

Does she appear thinner? Yes. Does she look unhealthy? Not at all. She is just like any girl getting ready for their wedding. Every single one of us goes on a diet, gets a new workout or trainer. I think it's totally normal for her to be slimming down for her wedding. And not only that, I think that she has a little more pressure on her shoulders since she is about to become a princess! And working out is an excellent stress reliever. I know that I, like I think every other woman, wants to look their absolute best as they are walking down the isle. And the isles that we are walking down aren't being televised to the entire world, literally. The royal union of William & Kate is estimated to have over a billion people watching worldwide. Prince Charles and Lady Diana had 750 million viewers in 1981. And Lady Diana's funeral had over 2.5 billion viewers. There is an obvious appeal of the British Royal Family to the rest of the world. If the so-to-be-princess wants to make sure that she has toned arms, and is thin on her wedding day, on one of the biggest stages.... LET HER BE!!


  1. I completely agree. I can't wait to see her shine on April 29th!

  2. Me neither!!! It's gonna be amazing! I can't wait to see her dress! Pretty excited!!!!