Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It has begun!!

Larissa setting the bar HIGH!
The journey to 100 miles began today!! I will be doing my run this afternoon. Larissa really set the bar with with an email this morning showing us all this pic! I was only planning on doing a max of 3 miles today, but I guess I have to step up my game today!

There was a slight change in the challenge though.... turns out the Nike+ costs around $40 and not everyone has that. So..... I found a website that is great!! It lets you create a profile, create an event, add friends, etc. So now, each of us will take a photo of our work on the treadmill, or garmin, and post the miles accordingly.

Once Larissa posted her miles, I instantly got motivated and excited to start my run this afternoon! It's weird because that NEVER happens :) Hopefully everyone else gets inspired and we all do this together!

I am also adding a mileage tracker so that everyone can see my progress over the next 40 days!


  1. MK and I were talking about stopping the treadmill at 4.07 hahahahaha

    Did you do your walk last night???