Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 miles in 40 days

So this year for Lent my husband and I were trying to figure out something to do that would be fun and healthy. Yeah we could give up sweets or alcohol, but with wedding season just around the corner and a trip to Vegas planned, that's probably not the best idea. But still we wanted something that would benefit our health and something that we could both do together. I saw Heidi Klum on Ellen last week and she had said that her and her husband, Seal, had a race to 100 miles and it took around 7 weeks. That got me thinking... Lent is 40 days, a little less than 7 weeks, but at 2 and a half miles a day, totally plausable. 

Then I thought, my family lives across the country, sister in Alaska, mother & stepdad in Nashville, and the rest here in Nebraska.... why not open it up to everyone! I have had the Nike+ running chip for several years (runs about $20 new). The chip fits in almost any newer Nike shoe under the left sole. Then there is a piece that you plug into your iPod. This will keep track of your pace, distance, time, etc. Then, all you have to do is plug your iPod with your saved workout into your computer and it inputs everything for you!! And even better, Nike.com allows you to create challenges and invite family & friends to join in! I created the event last night and sent out the invites. Knowing that my stepdad is training to run a marathon and is at 40-50 miles per week right now, I decided to not make it a race to 100 miles, but just to complete 100 miles in the 40 days. Also, I am pretty sure that my super-freak athletic pregnant sister will have the miles done well before I will!!

I know that it's based around Lent/Easter, and not everyone is Catholic, my other isn't even Catholic, but it's something fun that our entire family can do together even though we are not in the same place as another. And at 2.5 miles per day, anyone can do it.... even the walkers!!
I will be tracking all of the progress that we make, so wish me luck!!


  1. Very Cool! Love this idea and I WANT one of these chips!!! Hey ~ when are you guys going to Vegas?? Beau and Naomi's baby id sue between 4/9 and 4/17 and we will be out there about 2 weeks after Soleil is born - can't wait!! :-) Aunt N.

  2. I'm gonna try to do this. I think it would be great for me. Send a link of your blog to Todd and he will complete it in like 2 weeks...:)

    I'd be happy to put this on my profile if you want!

  3. That's about the exact time we will be in Vegas!! We haven't set the dates in stone... originally we planned it and forgot it was falling on Easter Sunday (I don't want to be in Vegas on Easter, just doesn't seem right lol) But we looking at the very end of April, beginning of May :) Maybe we'll all be there at the same time!! It'd be great to see you guys, and little Soleil!

  4. And Blu/Mom, I think it'd be awesome if you do it too! Even if you don't get to 100, just to see your progress!! And if you get to 100, even cooler!!! And I'd love for you to post this on your profile! You never need to ask ;)