Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Omaha 32 Worst Dress City ~ Wonderful :/

Today GQ released the top 40 worst dressed cities in America, and big surprise.... Omaha came in at #32. While I don't necessarily disagree entirely with this statistic, I do however find it humorous that anyone who wants to make a joke about Omaha will bring up farming, Wrangler Jeans, and steak. This is probably the number one sign that they didn't actually come to Omaha to do their research. If you're wearing Wranglers, you clearly don't live IN Omaha. It more than likely means that you live in a Nebraska town and actually farm or do something with agriculture. Most of the people that I know that live in small-town Nebraska are afraid of Omaha, especially downtown Omaha. Omaha is even sometimes their family vacation they take each year.

Shoes make the outfit!
Despite the stereotypes (the exact same ones I had about Nebraska when I moved here), Omaha isn't the best dressed city (by far), but definitely not even close to the 32nd worst. Omaha Fashion Week, while getting better each year, is still basically a joke. Besides a handful of designers. I saw a line this year that was done completely out of latex. It looked like it belonged in the back room of a novelty store, not a fashion show. The first year of OFW I had just gotten back from my honeymoon and was excited to show-off my brand new Christian Louboutin's.... thinking especially in Omaha, this will be where people might know what they are. I was sorely mistaken. I trudged around downtown Omaha all night in 6'' heels. I guess the joke is on me. That just goes to show you that in Omaha, if it's not COACH, no one will know what it is. I went to a movie after dinner recently. Its sad when that even going to dinner I feel over dressed if I have a dress on. This I have come to terms with and do it anyway!

And finally, yes guys can wear pink and purple, and they can even care about what they look like now!!! I am sooooooo grateful for all of my girlfriends that like to look pretty and get dressed up, and for my husband and his friends who know what an outfit should look like!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Engagement, Weddings, & Babies ~ Oh, my!

My Godson, Gavyn & I a few months back :)
I know that there is a "season" for weddings and all the frilly life changing things we go through. I thought I was through the thick of it when spring ended and we started having 100 degree days. However the cycle of events never seems to cease! I have a nephew who is a year and 5 months (not to brag, well maybe...  he's also my Godson!!). I have another little neice or nephew coming shortly, my sister is due August 1st. I have a couple girl friends that are preggers right now too... A girlfriend of my just announced her engagement and I have not one, but TWO weddings to be at this weekend!!!

For all of those who are not married yet and dread going to weddings because EVERYONE tells you that either "you're next" or worse, asks you when you are going to find that special someone (like you've been oblivious to trying to find someone)... it doesn't stop. Once you are married, its the "When are you going to have a baby?" And then, once you're pregnant, I can only imagine the times you have to answer, "When are you due." "What are you having." "What are you going to name it?" As if all of your lifes very personal decisions and choices are just up for grabs for anyone, even a stranger to ask!

Just a little something I was thinking about today.

Friday, June 3, 2011

This Day In History

Tony Lazzeri
June 3rd
1932 – Lou Gehrig and teammate Tony Lazzeri hit four home runs in one game, and Tony Lazzeri hit for the natural cycle. Hitting for the natural cycle is when a player hits a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in that order and within one game.  Both of the feats are less common than a perfect game, which has occurred 21 times in 120 years of baseball.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anniversary Debate...

Our first picture together, June 2007

4 years ago today I went on my very first date with my husband. It was a Sunday night. He took me to Fleming's Steak House. We had wine and crab legs, it couldn't have been better. I had seen him for the first time 3 days prior. He was infront of me in line at the DMV. I should've known we were compatable by the fact that we had both waited until the last day of the month to renew our license plate tags. He had gym shorts, a t-shirt, gray New-Balance sneakers, and a backwards hat on. He kept looking back at me in line.
When it was my turn at the counter, he had already left the building. I remember trying to hurry up the process as much as possible with the chance meeting of him in the parking lot.... No luck. He was gone.
I had never seen him before and figured I'd never see him again. Until... the very next day, Friday, I was going through the bank drive-thru on the opposite side of town. I looked over to my right, and there he was. The car next to me. I looked at him, he looked at me. I had just gotten my reciept and drove off as fast as I could because I was so nervous.
The next day, Saturday, I had told my sister about the events that had occured the last two days and dicussed the likelyhood of seeing him again, and wasn't it so strange to see him back-to-back days... it had to mean something!! She was coming into town that evening for a friends birthday. My options of places to go were the Shag/Fedora area (which I hated then and still do) or Citrus. Citrus was a popular club at the time and I had never been there, so Citrus it was!
We handed the door guy our ID's and walked in. I looked up and there he was. He was all dressed up, his hair was all spikey, and almost a deal-breaker... he had sunglasses on INSIDE!! He walked right up to me and I to him. He said, "I know you." I said, "I saw you in line at the DMV." We talked all night, exchanged numbers and the rest is history.
September 4th, 2009
This brings me to my thought... Once you are married, do you still celebrate your initial anniversary? It was our anniversary first... though a marriage anniversary has so much more meaning behind it. June 2nd & September 4th are such important days to me... One, I met the man that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with and the other was the day he became my husband and we vowed to love eachother forever.
So what do you think? Should you celebrate both?

This Day In History

June 2nd
1997 – In Denver, Colorado, Timothy McVeigh was convicted on 15 counts of murder and conspiracy for his role in the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was executed by lethal injection on June 11, 2001.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Day In History

June 1st -
1533 Anne Boleyn was crowned Queen of England. She became the second wife of King Henry VIII. This was short lived. She was beheaded less than 3 years later in May of 1536 after being found guilty of adultery and incest. Modern historians find the carches against her to be unconvincing. Her daughter Elizabeth I of England would later become Queen of England. King Henry VII ended up having a total of 6 wives, 2 of which he had beheaded.


Today I decided to jump on the wagon that is already holding over 200 million users.... I started a twitter account!!! Appropriately named maijapinion. I went in, set up my profile, added a picture & bio, but when it came to speaking to the masses know as the internet, I had to call my husband to find out how to write my very first Tweet! This was frustrating because I consider myself very tech-savvy. But for some reason I couldn't put two-and-two together and figure out the the pen and pad icon might be where I need to start!! And not to mention, my husband doesn't even have Facebook & his first email account was set up by me less than 6 months ago.
So make sure you follow me on Twitter :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

One away from the top 10!!!

The Face of Fitness contest is underway!! It is a chance to be on the cover of Fitness Magazine :) Today I am ranked 11th!! Hopefully by tomorrow I can break into the top 10! This is so exciting to me, and I am just amazed at all of the support I am getting from everyone! Thank you so much for your votes, and keep 'em coming ;)

Today link is here

Remember you can vote everyday. Voting ends on 4/17!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From 75th to 13th!!!

Wow!! As most of you know, I recently entered Fitness Magazine's 'Face of Fitness' Contest. It is a chance to be on the cover of their magazine. There are weekly winners. Yesterday I was ranked 75th and today I am ranked 13th!!!! I am so greatful to all of my family and friends, mostly via Facebook for all of your voting. Keep the voting going!! You can vote every day and I will keep the link updated to the current link :)

Today's current link is: here

Please feel free to share it with any & everyone!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Here I am!

Here I am!: I just entered a contest with Fitness Magazine for a chance to be on their cover!!! Just click on the link and vote :)
I know that some people were having trouble with the link, and it going to different girls... if that happens, I am pic #75. You don't have to sign up for anything, and it only takes a few minutes. I appreciate any and all the votes I'm receiving!!!

Quick reminder, liking the photo doesn't count as a vote. Make sure you click 'vote' ;) And.... you can vote everyday!! :)

Thanks so much!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kate Middleton too thin??

I recently read an article that Kate Middleton is getting "too thin" based off of her legs in a photo of her wearing a mid-thigh-length coat in Northern Ireland. They are even covering it on shows like Inside Edition & Extra. I am glad that they are talking about something other than Charlie Sheen for once, but come on! First off, until you see her shoulder blades sticking out in a strapless gown or her ribs in a bikini, how the heck can you judge someone's weight... especially while she's wearing a coat?!?! I think that these people writing these articles, like the one in the dailymail were written for the author to gain popularity and that is it! And don't start an article by complimenting the person, only to pass judgement on them in the next paragraph.

Does she appear thinner? Yes. Does she look unhealthy? Not at all. She is just like any girl getting ready for their wedding. Every single one of us goes on a diet, gets a new workout or trainer. I think it's totally normal for her to be slimming down for her wedding. And not only that, I think that she has a little more pressure on her shoulders since she is about to become a princess! And working out is an excellent stress reliever. I know that I, like I think every other woman, wants to look their absolute best as they are walking down the isle. And the isles that we are walking down aren't being televised to the entire world, literally. The royal union of William & Kate is estimated to have over a billion people watching worldwide. Prince Charles and Lady Diana had 750 million viewers in 1981. And Lady Diana's funeral had over 2.5 billion viewers. There is an obvious appeal of the British Royal Family to the rest of the world. If the so-to-be-princess wants to make sure that she has toned arms, and is thin on her wedding day, on one of the biggest stages.... LET HER BE!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It has begun!!

Larissa setting the bar HIGH!
The journey to 100 miles began today!! I will be doing my run this afternoon. Larissa really set the bar with with an email this morning showing us all this pic! I was only planning on doing a max of 3 miles today, but I guess I have to step up my game today!

There was a slight change in the challenge though.... turns out the Nike+ costs around $40 and not everyone has that. So..... I found a website that is great!! It lets you create a profile, create an event, add friends, etc. So now, each of us will take a photo of our work on the treadmill, or garmin, and post the miles accordingly.

Once Larissa posted her miles, I instantly got motivated and excited to start my run this afternoon! It's weird because that NEVER happens :) Hopefully everyone else gets inspired and we all do this together!

I am also adding a mileage tracker so that everyone can see my progress over the next 40 days!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

100 miles in 40 days

So this year for Lent my husband and I were trying to figure out something to do that would be fun and healthy. Yeah we could give up sweets or alcohol, but with wedding season just around the corner and a trip to Vegas planned, that's probably not the best idea. But still we wanted something that would benefit our health and something that we could both do together. I saw Heidi Klum on Ellen last week and she had said that her and her husband, Seal, had a race to 100 miles and it took around 7 weeks. That got me thinking... Lent is 40 days, a little less than 7 weeks, but at 2 and a half miles a day, totally plausable. 

Then I thought, my family lives across the country, sister in Alaska, mother & stepdad in Nashville, and the rest here in Nebraska.... why not open it up to everyone! I have had the Nike+ running chip for several years (runs about $20 new). The chip fits in almost any newer Nike shoe under the left sole. Then there is a piece that you plug into your iPod. This will keep track of your pace, distance, time, etc. Then, all you have to do is plug your iPod with your saved workout into your computer and it inputs everything for you!! And even better, allows you to create challenges and invite family & friends to join in! I created the event last night and sent out the invites. Knowing that my stepdad is training to run a marathon and is at 40-50 miles per week right now, I decided to not make it a race to 100 miles, but just to complete 100 miles in the 40 days. Also, I am pretty sure that my super-freak athletic pregnant sister will have the miles done well before I will!!

I know that it's based around Lent/Easter, and not everyone is Catholic, my other isn't even Catholic, but it's something fun that our entire family can do together even though we are not in the same place as another. And at 2.5 miles per day, anyone can do it.... even the walkers!!
I will be tracking all of the progress that we make, so wish me luck!!