Monday, November 8, 2010

Brix @ Village Pointe

Amazing! If you are a fan of wine, this place is a must! When you walk in there are two different areas that you can go into.  There is a retail store and a wine lounge/patio. 

The retail store has a small bar that you can sit at and sample wine, a cheese/deli area, liquor, an enormous selection of beer and an even larger selection of wine. The even have a small area with gifts, wine glasses, decanters, etc. However, the pricing on these things I have seen cheaper at other stores, like HyVee & Bed Bath & Beyond.

Where it gets good is the wine lounge. They have 63 wines "on tap". When you walk in, you give them your credit/debit card to swipe in exchange you receive a card from them. You can have as many cards per tab as you'd like. So if you are with 5 guests, and want all of your wine on one ticket, you can each receive a card linked to your tab. But if you all want seperate checks, its a great way to keep everything seperatated so there's no hassle when the bill comes.

Now what you do is, you are given a newly polished glass. There are kiosks throughout the establishment with bottles and bottles of wine. Every varietal is covered.... You just put your card in the kiosk and select your wine. But you can even select the amout of wine you'd like as well. You have the option of a 1oz., 2.5oz., & 5oz. All priced accordingly. What's great about this is that you can try very highend wines that you'd otherwise not be able to. Whites, reds, and even margaritas all at your fingertips. And if you aren't a wine person, they also have a fully stocked bar with all your favorite liquors.

Hungry? Well that's covered too. Their food is made from the chef of Taste (108th & Center-Rockbrook) Small plates are key here. Their pizzettes are great, their cheeses are wonderful, and their humus is amazing!

They have a large room in the back for events and parties. And besides one table that seats 10, it is first come first serve for seating.

It's a really nice, chill spot to go to, sample a little wine, find something you like, and then just go next door to the retail side and buy your favorite bottle.

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