Friday, October 29, 2010

Cinedine ~ Midtown Crossing Theater

When I first heard about this theater I was very excited. It has been open here in Omaha for about a year (not sure on the exact dates). The best thing that we could have ever done was ASK QUESTIONS!!! Our first time, the employees explained to us the VIP Reserved  theater. There is only one of these theaters out of the six. It's different from the other because one, it has a balcony, and two, it is the largest of the theaters. The VIP Reserved theater is usually playing the hot, new movie of the weekend. The balcony is where you can find the VIP seats. They are $5 more than regular tickets ($8 regular, $13 vip) BUT you get a $5 food/drink voucher. So basically, as long as you plan on getting popcorn, a soda, or perhaps a pizza... it pays for itself!

Not only are the seats incredibly comfortable, but you can order appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and even a glass of wine!! All you have to do is push the button next to your seat. The blue light comes on and your server comes to you. It's pretty great to get a refill on your soda without even leaving the theater. Now you may think that this could get a little noisy. On the multiple occasion I have gone, I haven't noticed any out of the ordinary annoyances.

Here's the best part (besides the wine...) if you purchase VIP tickets, you can do so online, and you actually pick your seats. Your seats are reserved, you can show up 5 minutes before the Harry Potter premiere and not have to fight to find 2 seats next to one another.

A couple things to know....
  • The seats are in 2's... and by that I mean there is a divider between every two seats. So when purchasing the "front two seats" count in twos from the isle to make sure that your seat is next to the person you want to sit next to.
  • VIP Reserved seating chart can be misinterpreted. The front row is NOT the front of the theater. It is the front of the balcony with an entire theater below. I highly suggest sitting in the front row (row FF seats 9 & 10 -- row FF seats 11 & 12) are the best seats in the house!
And what's better than a movie and a great seat, having a cocktail or beer?? Watching the HUSKER GAME!!!! Yep, you heard me right. They show the Nebraska games at the theater for FREE! Seating is first come first serve. And it varies which theater it is shown in.

I definitely recommend checking this theater out. They even have Glo Lounge to have a cocktail before/after the movie. A little like an airport bar, but still....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nebraska Furniture Mart

I have been quoted in the past saying "I hope Nebraska Furniture Mart dies". I have slight hope for them, however, they still need vast improvement. I feel like living in Omaha, you really have no other choice but to buy your furniture from here. That being said, my husband and I ordered a bed from NFM in June of this year. It was a direct ship item. We were told it'd take no more than 2 weeks to arrive to our home! Yay, right? No! It is less than a week from November and our mattress is still lying on the floor or our new bedroom. There have been months (and months) of no calls, me finally calling to find out where it is, and being told that once again it has been delayed. After several complaints to management, we were offered a discount on our bed. The bed, costing approximately $750, has been discounted by $100. With a new ETA date of 11/12 (cross your fingers!!!) $100 is nice, but it is only a discount of 13.3%.... oh, and I've been paying interest on this... I'm just not sure that this is right.

Pick out a new bed you say? Well, we've looked everywhere for one similar. Closest find was a bed on sale at for $5,000!!!!!! So I will wait one more month (might as well at this point) for our bed to arrive.

In the meantime, this has all taken place within the month of October, we have been purchasing other pieces of furniture to complete our home... Here's what's unfolded. We purchased a foyer table. Once I completed putting this together (and yes I do mean I... if you know my husband, you know this is true) I noticed a chip in the wood on the top corner. We had to load up the finished piece, drive it back down to Warehouse #1 and pick up a new boxed up foyer table. After putting this table together for a second time, this foyer table is without flaws and looks great!

Then decided on new dining chairs! Found a great deal on new chairs over at Mrs. B's! A special thanks to my dad who picked these up for me and helped me put together. But again, there was a hiccup.... One of the six chairs screws didn't line up. So again, I had to call up NFM to get an exchange number (while waiting on hold), load up a completed chair, head back down to Warehouse #1, and get a new chair in a box.

Then to the sofa table...... oh wow. The first one we decided on, took my husband, my father, and I all to put this together. We get it completed, and what do we find?? A chunk of wood missing out of the front! So again, you know the routine. We did though decide on a new sofa table. But I'll give you one guess as to what happened with that.....You guessed it! I went to put it together last night. The entire side of the table top is cracked and coming apart. 

With NFM on my speed dial now, literally I made the call. While waiting on hold I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to go Ari Gold on them, or play it nice. I decided, to my husbands surprise, to play nice. I requested that they come and pick up the piece themselves and deliver me a new one. Which they agreed to!!! And then for my inconvenience, he is sending me a $25 gift card in the mail!

This was the first positive outcome I have had with NFM all month! But when I hung up the phone I was actually satisfied with the outcome. But please note.... come 11/12 when my bed is suppose to be delivered to my door, if it doesn't show up, you will see a very different Maija!

My First Posting

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a lot to say about a lot of things. I thought this would be an excellent way for me to say what I feel the need to say!! And a great way to get feedback from everyone else!

I hope you enjoy..... and get ready!!